The Death of Organic Reach on Facebook


zero organic reach facebook

The Explore Feed is rolling out to all users. This brand new feed shares content with the user that they will not have seen previously. The content shared is customised for each user and only comes from pages they are not a fan of.  During the tests, all pages were moved over to the Explore Feed and users recorded a significant drop in reach. However, Facebook has said that the movement of all pages is not currently in the plan of the new feed.

Organic reach on Facebook has been an elusive creature for several years. It’s a platform that deserves your time but it’s one that requires paid advertising if you wish to really get noticed on the platform. It’s a pay to play kind of arrangement that not all businesses feel comfortable with. It has been possible to gain some traction organically, using the following strategies:

  1. Using relevant content
  2. Posting at the right times and in the right doses
  3. Sharing a mixture of content including video
  4. Conversing with fans and providing customer service on the platform

The above strategies help smaller brands with limited advertising budgets to slowly build an audience that will be loyal and likely to engage with your content. You may not have the numbers, but the fans you do have will have a value. However, the make real traction businesses have had to advertise.

Improving the User Experience

Many people also believe that Facebook reduces organic reach to increase their own revenue. They deny this accusation, but there’s no denying that advertising is becoming a must. Facebook is still committed to improving the experience of the user. The everyday user of Facebook is their main concern. If they lose interest in their feed, they will go elsewhere. Facebook has amassed a massive 2.01 Billion users so it’s unlikely that the platform will die, but they don’t want to rest on their laurels.

As it stands there are currently 5 million businesses that have become advertisers on Facebook, out of 70 million business pages. That’s not a lot when you look at the bigger picture. But the dream of free organic reach is pretty much over. To gain the most benefits from Facebook you’ll need to have a complete strategy and an advertising budget. Zero reach on Facebook was predicted back in 2014 and many believe that it won’t be long to arrive. Currently, the average organic reach sits between 1 and 6%, so it’s worth having a plan in place to cope with the loss.

One of the ways to increase engagement and push for more organic reach is using video. Here are a few steps you can take to begin benefiting from video marketing on Facebook. Return on Monday when we’ll be sharing 8 ways of using video marketing as a way of overcoming organic reach losses and preparing for the days of zero reach on Facebook.