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How to Reply to Instagram Messages on Desktop

A new feature arrived recently on Instagram. The welcome addition of being able to communicate with your followers via desktop rather than mobile is fantastic news for marketers and social media managers. It is possible to respond to your direct messages on the desktop providing you have a business page connected to your Instagram. This was an essential step for businesses of all sizes before the new feature arrived, so if your Facebook business page and Instagram aren’t linked, we highly recommend you take that step.

How to Start Instagram Messaging on Desktop

Once your Business Page and Instagram accounts are connected you will be able to engage and help your customers on both platforms through the Facebook inbox. Here’s how to get set up:

  • Visit your Facebook business page
  • Open the inbox and click ‘Instagram Direct’ found on the left-hand side
  • You will get the option to link your two accounts at this stage if you haven’t done so already. Select ‘Connect Account’ where prompted.
  • Once connected all direct messages from Instagram will appear and can be read and responded to directly from Facebook.

This feature is also available to anyone using the Pages Manager app on mobile. This accessibility and flexibility make life a little easy for your social media managers and marketing team. Anyone who has access to work on your Facebook Business page will be able to respond, rather than just those logged into your Instagram account on their phones.

Instagram Analytics Soon to Be Accessible on Desktop

In the upcoming months, Facebook will be interlinking with Instagram further with the addition of Instagram Analytics coming to desktop. Both updates are great news to those of you working to increase your presence, engagement and service level on social media. No time to manage your social media marketing campaigns? Ask us about our flexible digital marketing and social media services in Worcestershire.