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How to Get the Most Out of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a fantastic way of attracting traffic to your website, gaining leads, increasing conversions and delivering fantastic customer experience. There are some basic techniques that are currently being used to ensure businesses get the most out of their social media marketing. Here are 5 social media marketing tips to get you started.

Post Frequently on Social Media

You want your content to show up as much as possible in the feeds of your audience. This isn’t easy thanks to algorithms on sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, unlike in the past, you want to post a lot of content, at least once per day but don’t be afraid to post more than that.

Share Content Your Audience Will Appreciate

Spend time looking for people talking about your brand or products and share their content. You can also share content that is relevant and on brand without it being directly related. Learn what your audience responds positively too and share more of it, just make sure it’s not the content of your competitors.

Change Up Your Content

Don’t stick to one type of format. Share videos, text only posts, images, polls, questions. Keep things lively by using a variety of content to keep people on their toes and interested.

React to Interactions

Reply to questions and messages, like, comment, thank people or offer assistance. People want to know that you are there and listening. No one can be there around the clock, but make sure you have someone monitoring your profiles daily. You don’t want to miss out on showing off your customer services because the profiles are left to run themselves.

Monitor Your Competitors

See what your direct competitors are doing, check out what works, what doesn’t and use this information to improve your own profiles. Keep an eye on their content, learn their schedules and see how they are growing their own networks.

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