Paid Partnership Tool Rolling Out On Instagram

Instagram Digital MarketingAre you working or planning on working with influencers on Instagram? Influential marketing is a popular way of getting products placed directly in front of ideal audiences. Influencers will receive payment and the product in return for a tag, back link, mention, shout out, review or other forms of content that are agreed between both parties.  One of the platforms used in influential marketing is Instagram, but it is used across all social platforms.

Up until recently, influencers on Instagram would use the hashtags #spon or #ad to let their audiences know about the deal that has been made. It’s a way of being transparent with their fans and showing they may have received the product or a payment in return for the mention.  Now, Instagram has added the new ‘Paid Partnership’ feature. This useful tool will make it easier for influencers and brands to make it clear that the post is a result of a collaboration. With the Paid Partnership tool it may no longer be necessary to use #ad or #spon in the updates. However, the Paid Partnership feature is yet to roll out fully. No information has been provided as to when the full launch date will be.  For now, it’s sensible to ensure all creators are using the #spon or #ad tags in their posts for transparency.

Consumers Appreciate Honesty

Using the Paid Partnership tool makes it possible for the sponsor to be clearly tagged at the top of the Instagram post. The clear tagging ensures full transparency for the brands and the creators and users of the network.  Furthermore, Instagram has added analytics and engagement metrics. These metrics are shared directly with the brand that has sponsored the post. The metrics will appear provided the tool has been used by the creator. Brands will find the metrics on their Facebook Page and the creators see them in the app. The analytics will help to monitor the success of the collaboration withoutthe back and forth between creator and sponsor.

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