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Instagram Tips – Your Bio and the Marketing Funnel

Instagram provides a small bio area, there’s not a lot of space available, but this marketing real estate is valuable. Many businesses, especially small businesses, fail to create a bio that brings value. The main focus is often the business or the individual, and this is where the first mistake is made. Today, we’re sharing advice on how to turn your bio into the first step of your Instagram marketing funnel.

Work Out the Who, Why and What

You’ll need to spend some time coming up with the content you can add to your Instagram bio. The information you share needs to reach your audience and make them want to know you more. The people reading your bio are most likely taking a few minutes out of their day to relax and unwind. You have just a few seconds to build a connection and encourage them to hang around. How can you do that?

You need to show the who, what and why within the bio. The name of your business, business tag line and a link to your website isn’t going to cut it. You need to quickly and concisely share who you are and why they should follow. Do this is a relaxed manner by adding your unique personality to make it more attractive to people.

People Should Understand What You’re About

After reading your Instagram bio the reader should know what you’re about and what they can expect. The bio combined with the images at the top of the page should be enough to encourage everyone to click follow.

Call to Action

People are not likely to click out of Instagram unless they have a jolly good reason to. This means the link you’re given by Instagram in your Bio must be attractive. Turn this link into your freebie, your cherry on top, the first step in obtaining leads. There are lots of ways to encourage clicking and generating leads directly from your bio. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • A free eBook
  • Discount code
  • Special offer
  • Competition entry
  • A free course

Include the call to action before the link, giving information on what can be expected if the link is followed. Ensure the link is trackable so you are fully aware of where the traffic came from and play with the content you use to see what works best for your audience. The information and the call to action is the start of your marketing funnel on Instagram. With a little bit of spit and polish the bio can begin to bring in leads around the clock.

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