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Have You Updated Your Facebook Page?

Facebook Page Changes

The latest Facebook Page updates started rolling out in August. By now, you’ve probably noticed the changes on your own page, but have you optimised the page to get the most of the new layout? Here are a few tips that will smarten up your page and help to increase engagement.

  1. Update your cover photo. The new update has removed all the little features that previously got in the way of the cover photo – no more profile image box to interfere with the design. Take the opportunity to improve the design to match the new design. The size of the cover photo on desktop browsers is 828 by 315 pixels. On mobile browsers it’s 640 x 360px. Therefore, your photo must be at least 828 pixels wide. Remember to check how your photo appears on both desktop and mobile before committing to your design.
  2. Make sure you make use of the Call to Action Button. The call to action button is brighter and bolder than before. It stands out more and this increases the chances of visitors clicking through to your chosen destination. It’s possible to choose different CTA’s on desktop and mobile. Perhaps you’d want to encourage mobile visitors to give you a direct call or to download your app rather than visit the website.
  3. Make use of all the tabs. It’s not possible to remove any of the main tabs so ideally you should have some content on each of them. The tabs are now located on the left sidebar and they remain in place as the visitor scrolls down your page. Check your information on each page and pay special attention to the About tab.
  4. You can remove your custom tabs and the events tab, useful if you don’t have any updated content in these areas. However, if you still want to show off your YouTube channel or use a custom tab to catch email subscribers or showcase your Pins on Pinterest you can still do so. The custom tabs will also appear in the left sidebar instead of being hidden in a drop down menu as they were in the previous design.
  5. Experiment with Live Video. Live Video is a great way of reaching your audience and engaging with them in real time. It’s a free feature that is proving to be popular. Have you tried it yet?

Update your Facebook page to make the most out of all the features provided on the channel. Remember to post frequently and share content that your audience responds to. Facebook advertising is useful to reach your target audience. We provide social media services, call us if you’d like assistance with your social media marketing on Facebook and any other channels your audience use.