Twitter Introduces Conversational Ads


Twitter have come up with a new and interesting way to increase engagement with brands with their brand new and exclusive conversational ads. Promoted Tweets have been around for a few years now and marketers having been using them to increase follows, likes and encourage retweets. All of the activity helps to grow the fan base and get the brand name out there.

The recently launched conversational ads allow marketers to add call to action buttons and customisable hashtags with polls in order to drive conversation and engagement. The call to action opens a message that the user can then customise if they wish before sharing it with followers.   As a thank you, the user will receive a message from the brand and the Tweet they share is then visible in the timelines of their followers along with the photo or video that was included in the original advert.

To use the conversational ads, brands will need to ask a question and provide two answers, each answer is given its own custom hashtag that are included in the copy of the ad and the call to action buttons. Brands benefit from an increased return on investment as they only pay from clicks on the original promoted tweet, and clicks on the shared Tweets from followers and other Twitter users are not charged.

 ‘Discovering the Value of Earned Audiences – How Twitter Expressions Activate Consumers’

The aim of a recent study titled ‘‘Discovering the Value of Earned Audiences – How Twitter Expressions Activate Consumers’ was to see how brand and TV related Tweets affect the behaviours of the consumers, both on and offline.

Three key findings were identified:

  1. People love to follow brands on Twitter and they love to talk about them too. 80% of the 12,000 people surveyed had mentioned a brand in their Tweets. 50% had included brands in their Tweets 15 times or more within a 7 month period. 99% had been exposed to a brand related Tweet in the month of January. Brands are encouraged to include hashtags to their on and offline advertising and to engage with their audiences on a one-on-one basis.
  2. 54% of Twitter users had seen a brand mention on Twitter and taken direct action – 23% said they visited the brand website and 20% visited the brand’s twitter page. 20% searched for the brand online and 19% said they would consider buying the brand. 18% retweet the Tweets, resulting in earned media for the brand.
  3. Tweets from non-brand sources also increase action in consumers and combining brand powered Tweets with non-branded Tweets are considered the most powerful. 79% of people take brand action offline or online after seeing Tweets from a brand and from Twitter users mentioning the brand.

Learn more about the study here.

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