How to Use Video Marketing to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

facebook video marketing tipsToday we’re continuing our look at combatting the decline of organic reach on Facebook. With new feeds and the need for new ad space on Facebook, it’s getting harder for businesses to get noticed without having a clear strategy and ad spend available. Video marketing is one of the strategies that does continue to gain organic engagement. It’s not clear how long this strategy will work, but video is becoming more important for social media and businesses need to become more comfortable with it.

8 Video Marketing Tips

Here are 8 tips on how to optimise your Facebook page and push for organic reach

  1. Make videos. Facebook is pushing video and the users are lapping it up. Facebook has even created the Watch Platform where the users can view quality shows. Facebook appears to be determined to get a piece of the TV ad spend action that is worth billions.
  2. Live broadcasting is another feature that is benefiting businesses. Go live on a regular basis and organic engagement may increase. Schedule live shows and use email and other marketing channels to draw awareness of your live broadcasts.
  3. Create short videos that can be enjoyed quickly and without sound enabled. Aim for around 6 and 15 seconds. Also create longer videos that allow for Facebook to insert ads into. The minimum length of time for these types of videos on Facebook is currently 90 seconds but no longer than 30 minutes.
  4. Use captions to allow for users to absorb the entire content without the need to have sound. Most users will not have sound on.
  5. Live broadcasts should be at least 5 minutes and they can be up to four hours!
  6. If you have over 2000 fans and 300 people watching your video, you can insert your own ad breaks during your live broadcasts. You’ll need to be live for at least 4 minutes before the option of adding a break becomes available. This is a great way of monetising your broadcast.
  7. Turn the live broadcast into an ad with Ads manager to insert a call to action button and provide an offer to your audience.
  8. Start getting comfortable with Ads Manager. Use the tools to increase your skills as an advertiser on Facebook. Try out the different advertising options including Facebook retargeting, custom audiences and so on.

Facebook is a platform that has over 2 billion users and 70 million businesses. It’s a busy platform that doesn’t offer brands the free ride it once did. We provide digital marketing training and digital marketing strategy services for businesses looking to improve their online presence. Contact us on 01905 27007 to learn more.