Are You Using Instagram to Sell? It’s Going to Get Easier

Instagram tap to view

Businesses have been using Instagram to help raise brand awareness and sales for some time. Using attractive images is certainly a great way of getting products seen and useful to educate consumers about the possibilities. However, it’s never been possible to make direct sales from Instagram, until now. The photo sharing app introduced a new feature towards the end of 2016 that brands are going to love. The tap to view button allows consumers on Instagram to find out more about the product in the image and even click through to go directly to the website and make a purchase.

Simplified Shopping on Mobile Devices

Users of Instagram have their experience improved as they’re able to discover new products and brands on their favourite app and click over to the website to buy instantly if they wish. It’s an easier system for mobile users that may not go to the trouble of finding the link in the profile bio or comments while on their phone.  The users are also able to find out more about the product without leaving Instagram. The advantage of this is that the sales are not aggressive, which can be off-putting for users. Instead, they’re able to click for more information to help them decide if they want to visit the website and buy.

Brands can make great use of this feature when it’s launched fully. Use all the opportunities made available to make things easier for users and to share information about your products, right at their fingertips.  An icon will appear on the bottom left of images allowing users to tap to view. Once tapped up to five tags per image will be visible, showing the viewer the product name and prices. To view more information about a particular product, the user is able to click on the tag. They will then be shown an option to ‘Shop Now’ when they’ll be taken straight to the website.

The new seamless viewing and shopping experience are great for both brands and their consumers.  It’s clear that with this new feature and the updated advertising options that Instagram is keen to encourage brands over to the app.