The Benefits of Recycling Your Social Media Updates

social media tipsManaging social media and keeping content fresh is a tough job. Many businesses and brands tend to recycle the same content over and over. There are a few reasons for this.

  • It’s a time saver
  • To spread out the messages they want to send in order to reach their audience by posting at different times
  • To test content and publishing times
  • To repurpose articles and blog posts
  • To promote articles and blog posts

One of the most important reasons is to reach a wider audience. Not everyone checks Twitter or Facebook multiple times a day. They may have daily habits but these habits can be completely different from your other fans. Sharing the same posts on different days and at different times helps to increase the chances of your content being seen, especially on Twitter.  Sending out the same updates is beneficial for you in other ways. You can look for trends and learn the best times for engagement and impressions, helping you to learn when to target your audience for the best results.

Additionally, you may have an international audience and want to increase your social presence globally. Different time zones mean you need to be publishing updates at times when you and your local audience are in bed.

Benefiting from Evergreen Content

If you run a blog for your website you’re likely to be aware of the advantages of sharing evergreen content. This is the content that remains relevant, regardless of how much time has passed since publishing the post. Evergreen blog posts can be a goldmine but often the traffic drops off over time. Resharing these posts across your social channels is an excellent way of attracting traffic and getting the most out of the time and money you spent on producing that content in the first place.

You can make changes to the updates you’re sharing to keep things interesting. Changing the image, the title, and the copy is another excellent way of testing on social media. Learn more about what your audience finds engaging and which types of updates are falling flat.

Lots of brands recycle content and it’s certainly becoming more popular. With social media managers responsible for regular updates and content creation it’s an excellent trick that can be extremely beneficial for the brand.