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Alt Tags | What Are Alt Tags?

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Alt tags are part of Alt text (Alternative text). Part of the ‘Alt text’ are factors such as Alt tags, descriptions or Alt attributes. This ‘text’ is used to describe the appearance or functions of an image that is on a web page. 

Why should you use Alt text on images?

  • Adding the alternative text to images helps visually impaired users, this is because they use screen readers that will read the Alt text so they get a better understanding of an image on the page.
  • If an image is struggling to load on a page, the Alt text will still be displayed, so users will get an idea of the image that is supposed to be there.
  • A huge factor is for SEO purposes, the Alt tags provide further context to search engines, helping them to index an image properly. 

'Red car with roof down parked on the side of the path in countryside

For example this image source may be something like ”Car.png” but the Alt text would be ”Red car with roof down parked on the side of the path in countryside”, this is more clear and makes it more descriptive.

So what’s the best format for Alt text?

When filling out Alt text, you don’t have to overdo the ‘spammy’ keywords, just describe what the image is. If the keyword fits into the image description, then use it, try to include a keyword in the Alt text of at least one of the images on the page. So, imagine closing your eyes and having someone read the Alt text to you, if you imagine a picture that is the same as the picture on the site, then it’s been done well.

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