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Images on Google My Business

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Reports from consumers show that local search results with decent images grab their attention, to do this you need Google My Business images. 

Did you know “75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.” Which is why Local SEO is so crucial find out more in our previous blog here.

It’s a good idea to upload a variety of images of your business, onto your Google My Business page. This can be interior or exterior shots, pictures of products or even pictures of staff members. However depending on the nature of your business, it’s best to stay away from overly professional looking images as this may make your business look fake and untrustworthy. 

It’s important to note to take your own photos and upload them to Google My Business, Google will be able to tell if you are using stock photos and will remove them and this could also negatively affect your local SEO ranking against competitors.

How important are Google My Business images to local search performance?

Our client Stock N Lock is a self storage facility based in Worcester, they have seen a drastic improvement in business since adding images to their Google My Business account.

3 photo tips for Google My Business

  1. You can optimise your photos for SEO by giving them keywords/naming the image in a relevant category. For example getting rid of the image name “IMG_2019”.
  2. Keep your photos relevant to your business, and use the images to show what your business is about and what you’d like to promote.
  3. Take note that GMB photos are displayed differently on mobiles and desktops, so make sure your image shows up appropriately on both devices. 

For more information on business-specific photos click here to Google’s help page.