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Robotic Process Automation & Digital Workers.

How many times have you had a really mundane job that you have been putting off for ages because it it is time consuming, labour intensive and, let’s face it, damn right boring! I know when I have a lot of data to process or “number crunching” to do. I might try and do it in little spits and spurts and then “treat” myself with something more interesting to do for an hour.

What if you could take the mundane and repetitive tasks out of the daily grind and free up some of your time to do the more interesting aspects of your job?

Let me introduce you to a company that can help you do just that.

Centelli are experts in providing robotic process automation (RPA) services to organisations, no matter how big or small and provide digital workers to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to data processing.

Centelli provide RPA software and tools that automate routine and repetitive tasks, saving time, reducing costs and removing errors. Automating these mundane tasks can free up your staff to focus on more added value tasks, making their jobs more enjoyable and rewarding and by removing the banality of some repeat process job functions , help staff contribute more and get more challenging work.

Centelli are able to provide “digital workers” who are really a team of bots that are put into place to work in your existing systems to take over manual processes. The beauty of having digital workers is that they never need time off, holidays or breaks and can work 24/7 365 days of the year! Improving productivity can be a critical success factor in growing a business and boosting profitability.

So, what do digital workers look like?

So, lets say for arguments sake that you own a hotel or B&B. A digital worker could be developed that looks after you online bookings, processes cancellations, automates booking in of your dining room and breakfast requirements and deals with checkouts. To be honest, a digital worker can be deployed wherever there is a mundane or repeat process job role  – even with rules and parameters.

Centelli are not all about replacing human jobs with intelligent automation though, they are able to look at your tasks and workload and development bots that can free up human worker time to get staff achieving higher job satisfaction.

If you think you might have a need for a digital workforce, contact Centelli direct. If you want to discuss any aspects of your digital marketing get in touch with us.