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Can AI Help Your Business?

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AI is not a new concept. It has been in existence for a while now. But, it has only recently started to be more than just a buzzword. AI is an important part of the future of business, and it can be used to improve marketing, automate your business and make smarter decisions on the go.

The first question that needs answering is what exactly are artificial intelligence and machine learning? Artificial intelligence (AI) is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, etc. Machine Learning (ML) is one subset of AI that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Artificial Intelligence can help your business in many ways.

You will be able to save time by automating writing tasks, provide high-quality content that requires minimal editing, and use it for a variety of other business purposes.:

AI is here to make your life easier and more productive. Or, at least that is the theory behind the creation of AI tools.

The best way to understand how AI can help your business is to look at the many different ways it has already been used by other businesses. In some cases, such as categorizing and transcribing data, AI can save businesses tremendous amounts of time. Many organizations are also using AI to automate writing tasks, which means they need less people to create content. Lastly, some companies are using AI to automatically generate videos and photos.

Google , Meta, Amazon and Microsoft are using AI constantly in the form of algorithms that assess our output on the web, in terms of what we watch, like, click, read and follow. The algorithms are making decisions on what to show us next based on our behaviour online.

There are those who think we are on a precipice of catastrophe with AI and once we have let the “genie” out of the bottle , there is no going back and AI is detrimental for mankind. In 2016 Microsoft launched an AI chatbot on Twitter called “Tay” that had to be turned off after only 16 hours as it had started to spew inflammatory, racist and lewd Tweets.

In reality “Tay” was only reflecting the conversations on Twitter and using the language it was learning to mirror and emulate conversations online.

I think this says more about humanity than AI, if AI is omnipresent and learning online now, what is it learning about the human race?

Amazon “Go” stores are an effective form of AI. No checkouts, no queuing, just walk in, take what you need and get charged automatically to your Amazon account. A cost effective way of transacting or a soulless shopping experience removing the need for human involvement and therefore jobs?

AI is in its infancy – and a technology that is disrupting many industries and businesses. It has the potential to automate many tasks and improve the efficiency of processes and maybe, just maybe the power to end the human race!

We can’t build you a terminator, but we can look at improving your lead generation through automation – interested? Get in touch.