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Why Social Media is so Important to Businesses?

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In today’s digital world, social media and technology can be a key component in how your business is perceived and how customers interact with your business. If you haven’t already got social media for your business here are some reasons why you should get it. 


The population of the planet is around 7.593 billion people, out of these people 4.021 billion are active internet users which means 53% of the world’s population are on the internet. As well as this 3.196 billion of the world’s population are active social media users. Now we’ve bored you with the numbers there’s a valid reason for including them, it shows the vast amount of people who can be reached by social media. Unless filters are used there isn’t any reason why you cannot reach all of the 3.196 billion active users. However, this is unlikely but you can reach a large audience at a relatively low cost.


Another huge benefit of social media is it can show authenticity of your business through the interaction and content you post. Customers will be more likely to enquire with your business if they can see your previous interactions and how you deal with other customers.


Having social media is also a huge benefit to your SEO. If you have a social media account it can boost your SEO because it adds the potential for links from other websites and your content posted is also indexed. Your content can be shared through other businesses accounts which in turn can give your business more exposure as well as a possible links to websites with higher authority.


Social Media is also a great way of getting the “personality” of your business across, whether that be fun, quirky, deadly serious or industrious.


Lots of businesses fall into the trap of trying to do too much social media. It is best to pick a single social media channel and do it well, rather than having too many and not do them justice. There is nothing more off putting to a potential customer than finding a channel you last updated 6 months ago. We have all landing on blogs or Facebook pages that are not updated and it makes us feel the company is not interested.


So how do you know which social media channels to use? There are so many and many of them are offering different things, the choice can be overwhelming.


The key piece of advice is simple – find the channel that your customers use the most. For example, If you have lovely looking , super designed products that lean themselves towards visuals, Instagram might be your thing. If you want to engage with people and discuss products and services, Facebook might the place for you. If you are a B2B service industry – LinkedIn could offer some great opportunities.


Spend some time , looking at the channels and tools, see what your competitors are doing and explore what potential customers are posting and looking at.


Also, be patient, it isn’t going to happen overnight and don’t forget to use the content you have to your best ability. You might have lots of visuals and video or really important white papers and best practice to share. 


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