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Will Voice Activated Assistants Soon Take Over?

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It’s clear to see that voice activated assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home are becoming more popular but why is this?

The main reason there’s a growth in voice activated assistants is due to user demands changing due to busier lifestyles, we need efficiency, speed and convenience so voice assistants are constantly being optimised to make our lives easier.

Integrated into technology.

Amazon has always been ahead of the game with ‘Alexa’ and the fact the device had been integrated into other technologies, devices and appliances such as Samsung’s refrigerators. Google has now also caught on to the idea, and manufacturers now create custom devices which have specific functions linked with it’s voice assistant ‘Google Home’.

Are they safe?

According to a report from Microsoft, 41% of people that use voice assistants are concerned about their privacy when using the device. However there’s news from Amazon and Google’s conferences that sensitive information such voice payments are going to become more secure to make purchases. There are also plans to increase security by having user verification and ID.

Is voice search the way forward?

The prediction for 2020 is that searches on the internet are heading towards more voice search, which is predicted to account for 50% of all searches online. What does this mean for businesses? Well if you’re competing for Google traffic, you need to be ahead of the game as the device will only give you one result, so if your Voice Search SEO is not optimised better than your competitors, you will miss out. This also means if you are not part of voice search, you are not part of the 50% of searches on the internet.  

Top Tip: For Voice Search SEO it’s important to focus on natural, conversational tone and focus less on keywords. 

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