3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Search Engine Rankings


One of the main things to know about search engine optimisation is that you have to stay on the ball. Strategies that have worked well in the past could now result in penalisation from Google, whereas less effective methods of the past might now be vital for search engine ranking success. One thing does remain consistent, there’s no way of making a short-term approach result in long term organic traffic, sorry.

Paying attention to the algorithm updates and taking care over your digital marketing strategies will help you to achieve the long term organic traffic that will benefit your business. You need to be flexible, know when to adapt and gradually the organic traffic will strengthen, resulting in more prospects and the potential for a great source of loyal customers.

Today, we have 3 digital marketing strategies that you can use to generate organic traffic to your business blog:

Stop Obsessing Over Keywords

Google, and readers, care about content. They don’t want to see content that has been curated around your keywords. They want value, a reason to read what you’re putting out. You cannot cheat the algorithm by spamming your keyword as it now works to seek out poor content, it understands context like never before and it despises spam as much as the users do. Yes, you do still need keywords, but you also need to place keywords within quality content.

Use Social Media

You have so much blogging competition so it’s important to take additional steps to help your content. One of the ways is to share your content on social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, You could even share content through LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and so on, depending on your audience.  One thing to remember is, social network users aren’t usually on those sites looking to buy or find solutions, but they do want rich content and you can provide it to them. You add value, get your brand out there by increasing visibility and give your fans a good user experience.  Social media can also become a source of links, but do avoid over pitching, your fans won’t appreciate that.

Be Mobile Friendly

Customers are no longer head to their desks in order to search for something in Google, they don’t need to as they have Smartphones that allow them to search as and when they please, regardless of where they are. Most searches now come from mobiles and the fastest way to lose a potential customer is to have a non-responsive website and content. You must optimise your website for mobile, now. Work on the layout, make sure all content can be easily accessed on a mobile and think about optimising your digital strategies on your landing pages and sales pages for mobile users.

These days you can increase organic traffic using blogging, SEO, social media and email marketing, ideally using all of them together for the biggest impact. We hope you find these three digital marketing strategies useful. Speak to us today if you’re interested in outsourcing your digital marketing, we have multiple services available, click here to get in touch.