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3 Google My Business Features You Should Be Using

If you want to increase local exposure you need to be using Google My Business. Google has worked hard to improve GMB and provide some great features that will help local businesses increase leads and sales. However, many businesses fail to even claim their Google My Business listing, let alone optimise it. Here are some of the features you need to start using to boost your local results to be found in your area.

Business Description

The business description gives you 750 characters to show the world what makes your business different from all your competitors. Readers should be able to absorb the information quickly and understand what you do and what you’re all about. Each word should have a purpose and deliver information. If you do nothing else, make sure your business description is complete.

Google Posts

Got a special event or promotion happening right now? Let people know by creating a Google Post. Each post you create stays online for 7 days, or for as long as the event lasts provided you enter the end date in the post. The Google Posts are short but allow you to provide enough information for those Googling for your business or products.

Bookings Online

Make it easy for online visitors to book an appointment with you using Appointment Booking on Google My Business. This is a feature for all service providers that have a booking calendar function on your website. If you don’t have one Google will help you to get one set up using one of the supported providers.

Google My Business can be optimised to help improve the ranking of your business in the search engines.  It’s also an excellent way of improving the way you attract and secure leads and sales online thanks to the multiple tools that are available, for free. Are you using GMB for your business?

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