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4 Tracking Essentials for Digital Marketing

Pay per click, live chat, organic SEO and social media are a few aspects of digital marketing that many businesses undertake without doing enough research. It seems easy to set up, but often businesses fail to achieve as much as they could from digital marketing due to lack of experience, knowledge and know-how.

Using the help of digital marketers will help you get the best of your online advertising. However, if you want to try it yourself here are 4 things you need to track to bolster your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Track the offline conversions that are made using tools such as Google’s Store Visits. This will help you discover how much offline traffic is tied in with your digital marketing. Many businesses will fail to realise that much of the foot traffic is thanks to their digital marketing, resulting in errors being made when it comes to future planning and campaigns.
  2. Ignoring mobile is a mistake that shouldn’t be made in todays’ digital marketing, but many businesses do. Do you know how much traffic comes from mobile, or starts on a mobile and then leads to desktop? Spend time tracking the devices that your customers are using to access your site and read your ads and pay attention to the entire conversion path.
  3. Live chat traffic often results in online sales (and offline too). Tracking the results of the online chat is advisable. Track to see how often a chat turns into a conversion and work to improve the figures to help increase sales.
  4. Telephone calls and emails can also lead to conversions, are you tracking yours? There are tools available that will calculate how many calls lead to sales, useful for establishing how much of the marketing budget should go towards phone and email.

You may not be able to track 100 per cent of these actions but having a base amount of knowledge will benefit the current and future digital marketing campaigns you undertake. Need help with your digital marketing strategies? Send an email or give us a call on 01905 27002.