Why should I advertise online?

Online advertising vs. TV advertising.

Developments in technology continue to change the way we advertise. Nonetheless the bottom line for businesses is getting the best possible return in relation to ad spend. You can bet on that fact remaining solely true. However, with a multitude of different platforms to do so; keeping up with your competitors on optimising these platforms is proving to be increasingly difficult. So why advertise online? I’ll tell you why.


As massive as television still is, and it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, its on a decline. I, for one, have gone from clearing my calendar to ensure I don’t miss my favourite programme to having it on record to watch at my convenience.. as well as being able to skip out the adverts.


Firstly, online advertising makes it extensively easier to reach a specific target market. Of course, yes, you can narrow down who are targeting with TV adverts; because how many 16 year old girls are watching ‘Cash In The Attic’ on 2:15 pm on a Monday afternoon? But if you compare that to, for instance, Facebook Ads? You can define your audience by age, location, interests etc.


Also, Youtube is growing exponentially and is expected to be the most used social network by 2018. Youtube ads: annoying, yes. But if you’re anything like me there will have been one or two that you’ve watched all of despite the fact you could have skipped them after 5 seconds. TrueView are responsible for this and it is known as self-selective advertising. Companies will only have to pay if the advert is watched for, usually, over 30 seconds; so essentially you would only have to pay for the customers that actually have an interest in your product/service.


Lastly, the ability to analyse and track the success for your ads is vital. The internet is a brilliant thing in the way that you can track every click, skip, watch on all of your adverts. Whereas on television you only really know how many people might have paid attention to your advert.

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