Future Challenges for Advertisers

Future challenges for advertisers

Advertisers have a number of challenges that they need to overcome in order to reach their audience and see a return on investment. Advertisers need to think like millennials. Millennials are no longer reacting to banner ads, in fact, most consumers have shifted their behaviours in recent years. One of the problems is that media consumption has changed. Consumers aren’t reading as many magazines, they don’t pay as much attention to billboards and they don’t really watch adverts anymore. Millennials do consumer media but in new ways. Here are some of the challenges that mean advertisers need to put on their creative hats in order to find workable solutions.

Ad Blockers are a Problem

Ad blockers stop users from seeing ads as they browse online. When they visit a website they will not see the affiliate links, banner ads or any other forms of advertisements either. According to Statista, 198 million users were using Ad blockers in 2015 and the number keeps increasing.

Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update

Penguin 4.0 now means the algorithm no runs in real time. Google is constantly checking for spammy websites and pushing them down and out of the search engine results pages. They don’t want rubbish backlinks being put in front of their user’s eyes anymore. Google wants to provide their users with the best possible content as quickly as possible.

Media Consumption

Modern day consumers are enjoying live streaming and live TV. They can skip ads if they want to and they’re using social media and word of mouth to help them make buying decisions. The Internet also provides them with fast and easy tools to research into products and services to help them make the best buying decisions.

Finding Influencers

One of the best ways to overcome these problems is by building relationships with bloggers, vloggers and other influencers using modern forms of media. They are able to work with you to reach out to their loyal followers. They have an emotional influence and have the skills to create incredible content for you. This is a fantastic way of advertising your brand and connecting with consumers on new levels.  As a brand, you cannot expect to receive free advertising via influencers. You’ll need to assign some of your marketing budgets and introduce outreach into your digital marketing strategy. It’s a new world out there but it still presents multiple opportunities for advertisers who are willing to move with the times.

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