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The Latest Digital Marketing Stats for 2018

It’s that time again. The latest digital marketing stats have been released on Econsultancy, so let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones.

One Bad Experience is Enough to Drive Customers Away

64% of customers will avoid a brand if they have a single terrible experience. This information comes from a brand-new study by Medallia. Customers will only remain loyal if they have pleasant experience. 47% go on to say that they avoid brands that have earned themselves a negative reputation online or if they receive negative reviews on social media.  The study surveyed over 8000 customers from the US, Germany, France and the UK.

The younger generations were also more likely to be influenced by the negative experiences of others. 58% of generation Z pay attention to this compared with 44% of customers aged over 55. These stats show how important it is not to ignore social media and to work on ensuring all customers and complaints are dealt with efficiently, whether in person or on social media.

The Amount of Opened Marketing Emails Increase

According to the latest email benchmarking report from the DMA, 19.1% of emails are no opened. This is an increase from the 17.3% that were opened last year. The report analysed 23 billion emails that were sent from 9 different ESPs. Click rates remained the same, not budging from the 1.9%. 56% of customers say that they are likely to click on links in any interesting emails they received.

Digital Ads Could Increase Footfall in Store

In Device Research released a new study stating that digital ads could be used to increase the footfall in stores. 500 mobile phone users were surveyed. 29% said that they had used their phones to buy groceries and food on their phone in the last 3 months. 55% said they use their phones to price check while 30% use their phone to check reviews while in stores.

On Device tested the impact of mobile digital ads. The results showed that exposure to digital ad campaigns resulted in an increase of footfall in store by 14.2%.

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