3 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram Stories

Many businesses are already comfortable using Instagram for business. One of the areas brands are now playing with and benefiting from using Instagram stories. Have a read through our tips if you’re ready to begin testing the marketing potential of Stories.

Getting to Know You

One of the greatest ways of building loyal customers is by letting them really feel like they know you and your brand. Instagram Stories is the ideal way of showing your fan base what it’s really like to be part of your team. Use it to show behind the scenes, think reality TV. This is where the raw edits can be shown with confidence. Your main Instagram feed is where all the perfect photos and videos go, Stories is the journey of how that content is produced.

Share behind the scene never seen before content. Show the team, show the connections.

Go Live

Live video is proving to be extremely popular with social media users. Live Video is a tool you can use to engage with your audience. The content is completely interactive, allowing you to interact directly with your fan base. Instagram Live Video isn’t endless, it’s short but it’s a great tool you can work into your digital marketing strategy. Instagram Stories let you go Live using just your phone; you don’t need a big expensive camera or editing equipment. You can let your employees take control too. Whether it’s an insight into a meeting or behind the scenes of a photo shoot, you can go live and let your fans into the action.

Instagram Takeovers

Work with your connections and help each other grow by sharing fan bases. Takeovers are when brands allow other influencers or brands to take over their chosen social media profile for a set period of time. It’s a great way of bringing in new audiences and attracting attention over to your brand.  Both parties can benefit hugely from Takeovers. Think about your partners and connections and ask about collaborating on Instagram.

How are you going to gain from using Instagram Stories?