Retargeting the Most Valuable Audiences on Facebook


Facebook has made a change to its Website Custom Audiences targeting, allowing you the opportunity to find the most valuable audience by making use of the new options. Over the past couple of years, marketers have been able to target the people on Facebook who had previously visited their website and mobile apps.

With the new expansion of the ad targeting option it will now be possible to get ads seen by the most valuable people who spend the most time or money on the website. This is great news for brands who don’t want to waste money on advertising to people who come to the site to window shop. The idea is to target the people who visit the site several times a day or who have spent a lot of time on the site investigating products or services or exploring payment options and so on.

You can use both types of retargeting, designing ads for those who have visited the website and those who have invested the more time or money on your website.

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