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Beer and Bingo – The Worst Ad Ever?

Here at Sharpmonkeys HQ we are still in awe of just how bad this advert is! A picture of the advert was “tweeted” by Tory Chairman Grant Shapps. The advert is celebrating the conservative #Budget2014 changes to beer and bingo taxes. The advert that appeared online said the 1p cut in beer duty and the halving of bingo duty to 10% would help “hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy.”

The sweeping generalisation is bad enough but what about the message? What do you think the conservatives were trying to achieve? Is there any “call to action” or landing page identified on the advert? Is there any delivery of a DRIP communication plan? What do you think of this advert (forget the politics) , what do you think the objectives were and have they been met? I guess they have gained column inches and social media buzz – perhaps thats enough?

Todays online advertising environment allows you to build up complex profiles of your target market and personalise the messages they see based on their behaviour, interests and relevance.

Saying that, I am just off outside in my flatcap to ‘tend to the pigeons and then I’ll stoke up the fire, listen to the wireless and enjoy my meat and two veg  (bingo is only for the weekends surely?)