The Latest Digital Marketing Stats

Digital Marketing Stats September 2016

Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing stats from September 2016.

Influencing Consumers with Reviews

Are you hoping to influence your consumers into buying your products? Influential marketing is a powerful tool that can help to increase sales. Feefo research shows that 75% of consumers are being influenced by reviews they read or watch when they buy online. Interestingly, less than 50% say they were influenced by celebrity endorsements or their friends. However, the highest influencing factor for purchasing online is an offer or substantial discount. 79% of the consumers surveyed admitting these deals play an important part in their buying decisions.

Lack of Same Day Deliveries Costing the High Street

Research carried out by Stuart, a delivery platform, revealed that the high street misses out on £4.9bn a year because they don’t offer consumers same day delivery options. Consumers see delivery options as an important factor in their buying decisions. Delivery options determine how much they are prepared to spend and why and where they choose to shop. 79% of consumers say they would stop shopping at their favourite retailer if they failed to provide a favourable delivery option. They also found that 32% of shoppers will shop at a high street retail that offers same day delivery over one that doesn’t.

Social Buy Buttons Fail to Take Off

Pinterest introduced buyable buttons that were designed for their users to quickly shop directly while viewing the social posts on the website. Since then, many more platforms have adopted the button, but they’re not proving popular with consumers. Sumo Heavy Industries discovered that only 10% of consumers have used a social buy button to shop. They also found that a total of 61% don’t think they will use one in the foreseeable future.  The reason for this is uncertain, but there are two suggestions that are being considered as factors: users don’t notice them because of the chronological feeds or because users see them as a disruption to their experience.

Facebook and Instagram Install Ad Spend on the Rise

Kenshoo reported that the global spend on Facebook and Instagram mobile app install ads increased by 54% year on year in the second quarter this year.  Video is also proving popular and accounted for 42% of the spending.  The reason for the growth is believed to be down to the carousel format ads, which give marketers the opportunity to use five links and images.  Interestingly, the gaming sector spends more than any other industry for install ads, taking up 61% of the total spend.

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