Changes in Google Analytics and AdWords Part Two


On Monday, we took a look at the new changes that are being introduced to Google AdWords. Today it’s the turn of Google Analytics.  Here are a few details of the updates being introduced over the next 12 to 18 months.

The Analytics changes are mainly centred on the Analytics 360 Suite, which is being rolled out to customers in the upcoming months. The aim of the Analytics 360 Suite is to unify the product and reduce the need to have multiple independent tools such as the Audience Centre 360 and the Tag Manager 360.

New Tools from Google Analytics

Google Optimise 360 is a brand new tools that will be used for testing the website and personalisation.

Google Data Studio and Google Data Studio 360 are designed for data visualisation; the premium 360 version will allow you to connect all non-Google data and data with native integrations across Google products. You’ll be able to share the data with your organisation in real time and create reports and dashboards to visualise your data. The free version will allow you to create up to 5 reports that can also be worked on collaboratively.

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