5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Efforts Fall Flat

5 Reasons Why Digitial Marketing Fails

Are you fed up of trying campaign after campaign only to fail? This isn’t uncommon in the world of digital marketing, but there are some common reasons behind these failures.

  1. You don’t have a plan

You need a business plan that is well thought out. You can’t expect good results if you’re just winging it each time you have an idea pop into your head. Stop making up campaigns on the fly and set out a digital marketing plan that includes the following:

  • The objective of your digital marketing. What is it that you want to achieve?
  • Your target audience. Who are you looking to sell too? Get to know who your target market is.
  • How much do you have to spend on your digital marketing?
  • Who is going to run the campaign? How much time will they be spending on the job? Will you be keeping the digital marketing in-house or outsourcing all or part of it?
  • Establish the prep time, when the campaign will be starting and what your promotion schedule is.
  • Where? What digital marketing platforms do you intend on using?
  • Big Data. How are you going to gather and analyse the data of your campaign?
  1. Unapproachable marketing

You might have spent years becoming an expert in your field and now you feel the best way to reach a new audience is to show off your professionalism. The problem is many people can find professionalism too boring or out of their league. What they need is for you to be human more than anything else. Write in a conversational tone, be friendly and approachable to make your audience feel comfortable and that they are interacting with a human being and not a droid.

  1. Dropping in and out of marketing

You start one campaign, run it for a while and then leave it to go cold. You wait a while and then come back to marketing, picking up the pieces and starting over for a while until you get busy elsewhere. This isn’t going to do you any favours. Digital marketing requires a lot of hard work and attention, it’s not easy and it won’t just happen without any effort. Keep working and reaching for your objectives and you’re far more likely to reach them.

  1. You don’t look at the data

Data analysis is how you can discover what’s working, what isn’t and where you can make improvements to your campaign. You can use it to make better use of your budget and your time. If you don’t look at it, you’re not going to know what to do next or what your audience is trying to tell you through their interactions (or lack of) with you.

  1. Aggression isn’t welcome online

No one wants to be shouted at or constantly told to buy something. The spammy sales techniques do not go down well. You have to slow down and forget the old school cold calling approach, people hate it. Now is the time to begin sharing that expert knowledge of yours in a way your target marketing will find useful. Educate and add value to conversations in order to encourage those sales to come knocking.

With a new approach to digital marketing you will find your campaigns become more successful and the sales more frequent. Please get in touch if you need any help with any part of your digital marketing, from the strategy planning to the running of the campaigns.