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Mastering Marketing on Instagram

Marketing on Instagram isn’t easy.

Instagram has around 300 million active users with almost 100 million photos being uploaded on a daily basis. 90% of the time spent on Instagram is via mobile which is more than any other social media platform, with 70% of users checking their Instagram feed a day. Whether you’re a retailer wanting to showcase your products in a more creative way or you want to further establish your brand identity you could be missing out on a brilliant opportunity.

Don’t underestimate hashtags – especially on Instagram. The best way to find profiles with similar interests to you is through hashtags. For instance, if you were a laptop company searching hashtags like #technology would aid you in finding those interested in your products. Ideally, you should follow those with a large following in your niche and are regularly engaging with those in your niche.

If you want those to follow you back it’s important you are producing top-tier content. Here’s a few tips on how to do so:

adidas marketing on instagram
Adidas’ artistic Instagram profile
  • use high-resolution photos and preferably using third-party editing apps to make your profile make look more “artsy”.
  • use a mix of filters to avoid your profile looking bland
  • when uploading photos of products it is important to feature the product in just 2/3rds of the picture – this is seen as more appealing
  • don’t forget about Instagram video

But, what about hashtags? Hashtags are key for getting your posts out to the right audience.

  • the best days for posting are Sunday, Monday and Thursday – this is when your posts will receive the most engagement.
  • 11 hashtags is the average number for optimum engagement.
  • mix up your hashtags – use a variety of brand specific, industry specific and trending hashtags e.g. #throwbackthursday

It is also important that you reward your followers as this will convert engagement into brand loyalty. There are many ways you could reward your followers including giving first looks/previews to new products or giving them coupons/discounts.

After following these tips you can then sit back and watch your following on Instagram grow. If you would like any extra help on marketing on Instagram make sure you get in touch.