PPC – Google Improving Store Visits Data for Advertisers

PPC Google AdvertisersGoogle has announced that they have tracked 4 billion visits to stores from online ads. This figure is an increase of 3 billion that was recorded less than 12 months ago.

Google have been able to gather this information for advertisers thanks to machine learning powered modelling and improved measurement methods. Google are continuing their work to make it easier to provide data regarding store traffic that followed clicks on ads.

Working Hard to Provide Advertisers with more Data

The improved method being implemented by Google began back in September. The company expanded on the store visits measurement program to the ads on the display network. Google has been able to improve the data measurement process components as a result of these expansions.  They are now ready to make store visits data available to more advertisers.

The store visits are measured using data that is collected from anonymous users. The information is gathered from the following:

  • Users of Google that have opted into allowing history tracking on their mobiles
  • Mapping technology
  • People who partake in Google surveys

Within the past month, Google has switched to using deep learning models that are able to focus on larger data sets. This change allows for more store visits to be reliably measured. It’s very clever stuff that really does rely on improved mobile technology and feedback from users.

Working Out the Boundaries

One of the previous problems was the location of business premises, as many are located very close together, especially in malls and on high streets.  Google Earth and Street View images have been improved making it easier for the company to establish the boundaries of the buildings. Google surveys are also being used to verify where users have visited.  They are also collecting more data by visiting sites and performing in-person audits, especially in dense high streets. The feedback provided is being used to continue training the models.

This is great news for businesses who are keen to see how many of their in-person visitors arrive after clicking on their online ads. Need help with PPC? Get in touch to find out how we can assist you.