5 Simple Mobile Search Marketing Tips

 mobile search marketing tipsHave You Focused on Mobile Search Marketing?

In order to put your website in front of your audience, you need to optimise your marketing for the search engines. By doing so, your site will end up ranking for the right keywords and phrases that your audience is using.  It’s not rocket science but it’s not easy, as SEO (search engine optimisation) is constantly changing. One of the most significant changes is a number of people who now use their mobiles to do a large majority (if not all) of their searches online.

Have you checked your Google Analytics?  How big is your mobile audience? Not as big as you’re expecting? On the other hand, you might have a huge amount of mobile traffic with a high bounce rate.  These two problems might be an indication that your website isn’t optimised for mobile users.

Here are five ways to ramp up your mobile search marketing.

  1. Optimise the search engine result page listings. Make sure the content fits perfectly within the permitted characters and isn’t cut off. You want people to know exactly what you do, what you sell or what to expect from your website with a quick glimpse.
  2. Add your location so your website is optimised for local search. Mobile users tend to pick Google’s local business map when looking for a business. You must have a map on your website and list your website with Google My Business.
  3. Test your responsive website on a variety of mobiles. Visit your website and see how quickly it loads, if the images are too big or if there’s too much writing. Your visitors should find visiting your site easy and manageable.
  4. Mobile visitors will be navigating your website using their thumb or fingers. The buttons on your website should be very easy to touch. You can also help your visitors by making sure all text boxes are big enough to touch to activate and write in. Improve your website even more by reducing the size of any online forms you have.
  5. Test out mobile ads. Ads take up most, if not all of the premium space on mobile devices. Paying for ads is a great way of getting fast results while your organic SEO sets in motion. Ask us about how we can help you set up mobile PPC campaigns.