Mobile Optimisation: It’s important.

The importance of ensuring your websites are mobile friendly.

Two thirds of people in the UK and America have smartphones. Firstly, let that sink in. Secondly, realise the importance of this when it comes to designing a website. Mobile optimisation is becoming less and less of a choice.

It is also worth bearing in mind that 23% of sales come through a mobile device yet only 35% of businesses have mobile optimised sites. this presents you with a brilliant opportunity, does it not? Not only can you increase your sales by only almost a quarter it will also give you an edge on the majority of your competitors.

Google has began to recognise this as well, they are now awarding mobile-friendly sites with a label. If you’re site has an error when being accessed from a mobile device it will be ranked lower down.

However, a vast proportion of sales are still made through desktops and the reason for this is security. I, for one, can’t remember the last time I purchased something of substantial worth using a mobile device. I trust the security of a desktop more. Don’t expect this to last, though. Users are purchasing from mobile devices increasingly more often. The issue of “trust” is exactly why you need to ensure you have a mobile optimised site. I mean, would you purchase a £300 watch from a website filled with errors?

It’s important to remember that 90% of people claim to switch between devices (multi-screen) to accomplish a task. Having a poorly optimised site would increase your bounce rate meaning customers don’t have a chance to engage with your content.

A brilliant tool from google to help you check if you’re site is mobile-friendly:

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