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7 Mobile-First Index Facts from Google

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Google’s mobile-first index continues to be rolled out to more websites. Feeling a little lost when it comes to mobile first indexing. Don’t panic, Google recently took to Twitter to share some helpful facts that should make things a bit easier to understand.

 Mobile Vs Desktop URLs

Mobile URLs will be shown in search to those individuals using their mobiles to search. Desktop URLs will still be shown to people using their desktop to search. Regardless of this, the indexed content will be just the mobile URL, even when there is a desktop URL.

Crawl Counts

The crawl count will not change each day, but there will be a shift away from desktop to mobile crawls. Google also stated that they may crawl more during the switch away from desktop to mobile first indexing as everything will need to be reindexed. This increase will only be temporary.

Bugs in the Works

Google admitted that they are still dealing with a bug relating to the Google cache. The bugs takes place when a site is moved to mobile indexing, resulting in Google cache link not returning what it should, showing a blank page or presenting 404. Google stated that this bug has no negative effect on ranking or indexing and it’s being worked on.

The Speed Update is Separate to the Mobile First Index

July will see the arrival of the speed update. The speed update doesn’t relate to mobile first indexing in any way. However, Google have said that you should improve the speed of your website as fast sites are better for users, especially those on mobiles.

Not Mobile Friendly, Yet?

Don’t worry if your website isn’t mobile friendly at this moment in time. Sites will be included in the mobile first index as pages will still be able to work on a mobile. Google went on to say that it is time to begin embracing mobile and moving away from desktop only versions of sites.

Your Ranking Won’t Skyrocket

Don’t expect to see a change in your rank simply because you’ve been added to the mobile first index. The index doesn’t improve the rank at all. What does improve the rank is being mobile friendly.

Keep Your Hamburger Menus if You Want

Google have confirmed that accordion or hamburger menus are totally fine and will not cause any problems with the indexing process.