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Improve Your Local Search Optimisation on Mobile, Today!


Feel like getting something done regarding local search optimisation for your website? You’ve come to the right place. Today we have three quick and simple tips that will see an improvement for your local search optimisation on mobile. Implementing these tips should help to improve your current results. Have a read through and then complete each step and reward yourself with a cuppa for a job well done.

Are You Local?

When thinking about mobile search it’s great to focus on the neighbourhood. Focus your energy on improving local SEO, a simple must for all face to face businesses. There are plenty of small jobs (and some that may need to be passed over to the right department) that will improve your local SEO, such as:

  • Claiming your Google My Business listing
  • Creating listings on online directories
  • Showcasing your local reviews
  • Localising social media marketing
  • Working your local area into the URLs of your website
  • Link to other local businesses and websites in your area (ensuring they are relevant to your users and your site)

Improve Your Website for Mobile Users

Not all websites are mobile user friendly. We have several articles sharing tips on how to make your website mobile friendly, but some of the basic tips that we can share with you now are:

  • Use the tool Google supplies to see how mobile friendly your website currently is
  • Work on any flags that are highlighted
  • Make sure your website is easy to use for those accessing the site via mobile devices
  • Visit your own website using mobile and ask others in the office to do the same and listen to feedback

Avoid Duplicate Content

Some businesses struggle to avoid creating duplicate content thanks to the product listings. You can work to avoid this by creating unique product titles for each colour, size, modal make and other identifiers for the products. Create unique content for each listing but also use conical attribution to help ensure the primary listing page will end up in the search engine results. You should also be using 301 redirects from old web pages to your new mobile-friendly pages.