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3 Ways NoFollow Links Help Your Website


Links to your website are used in SEO to help Google see that you are a trusted resource. It’s a technique that can help to increase the rank of your website based on your targeted keywords. Google sees links to sites from other sites and this is seen as a vote of confidence, ‘Hey, this must be a great resource for users as others are already linking to it’.

Google wants to ensure the trusted content is seen in its search engine. If they suspect DoFollow links are being paid for and come from untrustworthy sites, they reduce the rank of the site that is hosting the link as well as the website being linked to. Not good for anyone. NoFollow links are now commonplace, with websites including Forbes and all using NoFollow links even for their contributing authors. The aim of the NoFollow is to stop the search engine from being manipulated and to increase real value for users.

3 Reasons to Use NoFollow Links in Your Marketing Strategy

NoFollow Links Increase Traffic

The first and most obvious benefit is the increase of traffic and brand awareness that comes from having links all over the Internet. People reading the content may click on the link and find you as a result. NoFollow links are an excellent traffic source, they can even lead to DoFollow links by the people who have followed and have been impressed by what they have seen. Therefore, it is important to remember that NoFollow links can be an excellent way of achieving natural Dofollow links, and Google will love that!

Google Expects to See DoFollow and NoFollow

The last thing you want is for Google to suspect foul play and manipulation of their search engine. In terms of SEO, NoFollow links don’t have as much juice as do follow links, but they still serve a very important purpose.

Google expects to see backlinks to your website as you will be investing in marketing and promoting your own value. However, if these backlinks don’t include any NoFollow links a red flag will be raised. A combination of both is genuine – DoFollow links from people who really like your products/services or content mixed in with paid for NoFollow links as a result of your marketing. DoFollow links come from people who want to share your links off their own back, with no payments involved. This shows Google that you’re not paying for backlinks to gain the benefits for SEO.

Benefit from Authoritative Websites

While Google doesn’t pay attention to all NoFollow links that doesn’t mean they aren’t kept an eye on. Google stated that ‘In general’ they don’t follow these links. This means that sometimes they do and it’s likely to be paying attention to websites that get a lot of people clicking through to them from quality sources.

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