Why Do You Need a Blog?


Blogs are powerful tools that are often overlooked by businesses both large and small. If you are looking to increase your organic SEO, having a blog directly on your website (as opposed to a sister or satellite site) is going to be hugely beneficial, and here’s why.

SEO Boosters

Blogs work very hard for SEO and they continue to work to benefit your optimisation efforts long after the publish date on the article. Each new blog post has a brand new URL, a page all of its own, and this content is crawled and indexed by Google and the other search engines a lot quicker that static pages on the website. Websites with blogs have a whole lot more pages to be indexed in the search engines when compared with websites without blogs.  Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links, very powerful indeed.

More Traffic to Your Website

Blogs will also increase the amount of traffic to your website. More links and pages indexed in the search engines will improve the organic traffic that arrives through this source, but that’s not all. Each blog post URL can be shared across multiple channels such as in your email marketing campaigns and social networks.

The content can be re-purposed too. A simple blog post can be turned into a podcast or a video for example, resulting in additional links and further sources of traffic. An increase in traffic will increase the amount of leads you gain, it’s all good news!

Blogging is Worth the Effort

Creating content can be time consuming but if you don’t have the time or resources in your own business there’s always the option to outsource quality content to be published on a regular basis. The frequent production of content is worth the effort; just take a look at some of these hard to ignore statistics if you don’t quite believe us.Source

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