5 Easy Ecommerce Content Marketing Tips

ecommerce content marketing

Ecommerce stores have a hard time getting noticed thanks to the crowded marketplace. Large online retailers tend to dominate, leaving newer brands feeling a little lost. Getting traffic requires plenty of hard work. One of the steps that is required is acquiring backlinks to increase the ranking of your website in the search engines. To help, we’re sharing 5 ecommerce content marketing tips that will drive traffic to your website.

  1. Know who you’re marketing towards. It’s vital that you create buyer personas to help create the right content. Know everything you can about your buyers, where they live, their income, what they aim for, what they want, their jobs, hobbies and so on.
  2. Know the influencers in your field. Get help from influencers that will help place your content in front of the eyes of your ideal buyers. Choose influencers that have a blog of their own, a good social following and an audience that is made up of your buyer personas. Start building a relationship with the influencer, being active on their content, sharing, commenting and supporting. Once comfortable, get in touch and see how you can collaborate in a way that benefits all parties.
  3. Variety is important when it comes to content. Create plenty of variety to increase engagement, sharing possibilities and even to convert the readers. The different types of content to play with include:
  • Infographics
  • Top Lists
  • Buyer guides
  • Videos showcasing products
  • Case studies
  1. Repurpose content that has been produced. There are plenty of ways to reuse the content that has already been created. A blog post could become a video or transformed into an infographic. Podcasts are popular, as are slides and PDFs. Optimise the content using keywords and phrases, headlines and metatags, optimised images, internal links and external links and so on. Ensure all content is mobile friendly and shareable to the most popular social networks used by your buyers.
  2. Share your own content. Don’t post it on your website and leave it there, promote and distribute across multiple channels. Blog posts can be emailed to your subscribers, sent to influencers via email and shared on multiple social channels including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Ecommerce stores require traffic and to obtain traffic you’ll need back links and SEO content marketing campaigns in place. Contact us here for assistance with your digital marketing strategy creation and management.