Behavioural Advertising – Taking you to the Next Level of Personalisation.

Imagine a world where every interaction you have is personalised for you. Your remarketingfavourite brands, your favourite music, your

favourite interests and your social connection updates  are delivered to you to give you a unique experience every time you venture online. Well, you and everyone else also experiencing a unique experience. The online shopping experience is pushing the boundaries of personalisation to new levels every day. The satisfaction of entering an online store to see your preferred products over walking into a high street store to root through reams of other peoples stuff to get to the one or two items you desire is providing loyalty and a shopping experience like no other.

After all, we are all striving to be different in a world where we are all offered the same. Behavioural Advertising is giving marketers the opportunity to develop personalised , relationship building communications that don’t just speak to customers but  sing.

 Behavioural or re marketing done well provides the customer with a rich choice of services based on their preferences and choices. Done badly, it provides customers with advertising for watches that follow them around the web for 6 months after they have purchased a watch!

Think about this scenario – you have a pet dog. A golden retriever for example. You Are looking for a suitable dog food online – you are directed to a website that sells dog food via pay per click advertising and you explore the site. You might get as far as putting the dog food in the basket but on this occasion you decide not to purchase.

A day later, you are reading a blog article when your eye is caught by an online ad showing the dog food you were looking at with a discount code for new customers. You click the Ad and you are taken to the website – only this time the website is configured for Golden Retriever owners – its pertinent, its friendly, its tailored for you and gives you a unique experience that resonates based on your pervious behaviour.

As interaction moves forward with smart phones and personal digital assistants  such as SIRI, our searches will be directed based on previous behaviour learned from giving the PDA vocal commands. Agencies will be algorithm based   – your experience online will be personalised  – will you be able to face the broadcast selling experience again of the high street?