SMS Remarketing Now Available on Google AdWords

Google has been kind enough to give marketers a boost by introducing two new features to AdWords.  The first featured was specifically designed to give retailers a chance to capture more sales by adding holiday structured snippets to the ad-units. These ads appeared in search on November 20 and ran through until November 30.

The second and most exciting feature is the ability to send text messages directly to your customers. The customers who are searching via their phones are given an option to opt-in via a brand new ad-unit. Once they opt-in using the ‘Subscribe’ button, the customers can be sent texts from Google. Exciting stuff!

The SMS remarketing feature means that marketers are able to share their latest promotions, announcements, discounts, sales and updates directly to the phones of their customers who have opted in.  There’s no need to worry about annoying customers either as they will have the option to stop the messages by replying to any text with the word ‘STOP’. The ability to quickly unsubscribe should be used as a reminder not to become an annoyance to your customers. Texting too often could result in a customer unsubscribing, so remember to give them a reason to keep receiving your messages.

The SMS remarketing feature is there to be used and to help increase sales, so what are you waiting for? Call us today and let us help you with your remarketing campaigns on Google AdWords and on Facebook.