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Domain Authority 2.0 – What You Need to Know

Moz has updated the Domain Authority scoring. Domain authority, or DA, became an industry standard of measuring the strength of a website and a useful way of comparing sites against each other or a score that predicts how the site will rank in the search engine. DA has been controversial among SEOs and influencers as it can cause confusion.

At the start of the week a new upgraded DA rolled out, but what has changed? Let’s look at some of the main points as explained by Moz’s principle search scientist, Russ Jones in an interview on Search Engine Land.

  1. DA can be used to compare competitors against one another. The metric should be used to predict how a website will perform in the search engines.
  2. DA is needed as Google gives very little away when it comes to rankings.
  3. Three changes have been made to DA 2.0. The changes are in the training set and algorithm and the model factors.
  4. Moz monitors 35 trillion links with Moz Link Explorer and measures link quality.
  5. The new update will see DA scores adjust quicker than before thanks to an enhanced database with more frequent updates in the index.
  6. DA can be used to monitor the performance of your website. A higher DA score with low ranks should result in work taking place to improve the quality and quantity of content on the website.
  7. Link manipulation (buying and selling links) can be detected by Moz and result in a lower DA score, like other search engines who actively work to reduce the value of corrupt backlinks.
  8. The only way businesses should be using DA is to compare it to others, it doesn’t have value when looking at the score on its own.

Bloggers and influencers are often questioned about their DA when discussing collaborations. It is important for SEOs and marketers to consider other values that are brought to the partnership and not just DA. Quality of content, the audience of the influencer, social media audiences should all be evaluated.

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