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Google Broad Core Search Algorithm Rollout Confirmed


Have you noticed a change in your search engine rankings? Google has confirmed that a search engine algorithm update was rolled out on Monday 16 April 2018. You may have seen your website rank higher in search, or perhaps you’ve taken a hit. Some businesses have simply remained the same. What is important is that you do go and check to see what has happened regarding your position in Google search.

Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google announced the new update on Twitter, stating that the broad core update was live. These types of updates are part Google’s yearly routine. Updates are performed several times per year and this means that some websites will notice a change, while others will not be affected. There’s not a lot anyone can do in preparation for these updates.

Google recommends that energies should be spent on updating and improving the quality of your website so that when updates occur you’re more likely to see an improvement in your rankings. Google also explained that some of the pages that were under-rewarded after the last update will see benefits thanks to the new core updates.

Be sure to visit your Google Analytics pages and SEO tools to see what impact the latest of the core updates to the search algorithm has had on your pages. Don’t panic if you’ve taken a dive, there are plenty of things that can be done to improve your positions.

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