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Google My Business Might Not Be Free Forever

Would you be prepared to pay for Google My Business? Google has been distributing surveys and asking if local businesses that use the service would be prepared to pay for some of the services and features that are currently available for free.

Google My Business is an excellent free service from the dominant search engine firm that provides businesses with a free listing on their search engine results pages. It’s brilliant for all businesses but local businesses are particularly boosted by the service that allows local searchers to find relevant and accurate results within their locality. The listing gives any business using it a profile searchable on Google and Google Maps. Furthermore, there are features that provide extra benefits such as messaging, photos, direct calls, events and news postings and so it.

Grab It While It’s Free

If you’re not already using Google My Business, we highly recommend you do so and ensure it’s optimised for your audiences. Currently, all the features are free but there is a chance that this might change in the future. No doubt most if not all small businesses questioned would have informed Google that they would not pay, but no one knows for sure. Additionally, Google might decide to charge whether the feedback was positive or not. Time will tell.

Google may find Google My Business to be a nice little earner. Google My Business ensures that the information on their search engine is correct and kept up to date, something that was previously lacking when listings were operated by third parties. As Google My Business really is a must for all businesses regardless of size and location there is a chance that Google will try to earn revenue using the beneficial tool.

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