10 Ways to Keep and Attract Twitter Followers

10 Twitter Tips

Building a social media audience doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Once you begin gaining followers you need to continue attracting new people while working hard to keep the ones you already have. This is a challenge, but these tips will help you to keep and build your Twitter audience.

  1. Don’t post too little or too often. Twitter moves quickly and you’ll need to be posting more than once a day, but you want to avoid forcing constant content in front of your audience too.  Find a happy medium that will help you to be consistent but not annoying.
  2. Avoid pushing for sales and posting ads or posting to your articles. You need a good mix of content so your audience doesn’t think you only want to make money from them. The 80/20 rule is still a good one. 80% relevant and valuable content and 20% sales orientated posts.
  3. Make your content stand out with variety. Add photos, text, gifs videos and links. Play around and pay attention to the types of posts that attract the most attention.
  4. Find your own unique brand voice and use it to show that you have a personality. You don’t want to appear cold and boring; a brand voice will appeal to an audience and make them see that you’re not working like a machine. They want reality and they want to connect.
  5. Always take the time to respond and jump on opportunities to connect with your audience. Answer questions that are asked, thank people for interacting with you and show there is someone behind the tweets who is ready to interact.
  6. Target your audience with relevant content. Think about who your audience is, what they care about and how you can use this knowledge in the content you share.
  7. Keep an eye on your competitors and make sure you stand out. You need to show your audience that you’re worth following over others. Be different, surprise people and work hard to avoid your followers being poached.
  8. Try not to repeat yourself too often. Keep content fresh, new and continually work on new strategies and campaigns to avoid your posts becoming stale.
  9. Show behind the scenes, let them know a little about who is working with you and dealing with their requests.
  10. Never copy and paste your replies. Always make them as personal if you can, even if your policy is to take complaints and queries off Twitter and into email or over to your phone lines. Take the time to show you care about helping each individual person.

Unfollows will happen and you won’t always be able to prevent them. Sometimes people follow by mistake, not really knowing anything about you and the content you’ll be sharing. The best approach is to commit to sharing regular, quality content designed for your target audience and providing a high level of service to anyone reaching out to you on Twitter.

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