4 Reasons to Start Using Facebook Remarketing Campaigns

Facebook ad targeting brings many benefits to those who have taken the time to use it. Remarketing campaigns provide you with the opportunity to target people who are already interested in what you have on offer. These are the people who have visited your website so they’re already aware of you and your products or services.

Remarketing involves setting up a campaign and creating customised adverts that will be shown to your website visitors when they’re on Facebook. The aim is to increase your conversion rate and reduce the cost per customer acquisition by targeting those people who are genuinely interested in your products.  You can also remarket on Facebook to people who have bought your goods or services, people who would like your services or products but who haven’t heard of you yet and to people who are highly likely to be interested in what you have to sell. Interesting stuff, but what will you really get out of Facebook remarketing?

  1. The cost of Facebook remarketing is less than remarketing on the search engines. Facebook remarketing is push marketing as the audience isn’t there to search for things to buy. Search engines are where they go to buy products and services, and therefore it costs more to get noticed on that platform.   Convert previous visitors to your website by creating ads on Facebook that offer more information about your product or service to help you seal the deal.
  2. In crowded industries it can be hard to make a sale because customers like to shop around before paying out. Facebook remarketing gives you an opportunity to be seen once more, becoming more recognisable and converting those who may have clicked away from your site and failed to find their way back.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to reaching only potential customers; target people who have already purchased from you in the past. You’re more likely to increase Facebook engagement as happy customers respond to your ads by liking and leaving positive comments for potential customers to see. This is an excellent way of building brand loyalty and strengthening your brand on Facebook as well as increasing sales.
  4. Facebook allows you to remarket to an audience who may not have even visited your website yet. Create a custom audience and include your current and potential customers and then make a lookalike list so Facebook is able to search and show your ad to similar people.

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