5 Essentials for Your Facebook Page


Facebook has over 1 billion active users worldwide.  At any second of the day, there are 20,000 people on Facebook and 79% of all users access Facebook using their mobile. That’s a crazy amount of people and businesses are all hoping to get some exposure to increase sales and awareness to help their brand grow and to support their customers using social networks.  The problem is it’s very hard to get noticed on Facebook, especially when you don’t have a budget allocated for Facebook advertising yet. But there are five things you can do to help increase engagement without dipping into your marketing budget.

  1. Choose the right category for your page. The business categories have different features for you to use, so it’s worth popping over to examine the features for each category, here. You are able to change your category in the future but why not get it right first time? This is an important step if you want to have the ability to add reviews, maps and so on.
  2. A branded cover photo and a fully completed ‘About’ section are crucial. The cover photo is a good opportunity to grab the attention of fans and it’s worth changing the cover photo to compliment your promotions and campaigns throughout the year. Fill in all of the ‘About’ section, especially the Facebook Web Address as this will assign you your unique Facebook page URL.
  3. Complete the ‘Call to Action’ feature as this will direct fans to where ever it is that you’d like them to visit. There are seven call to action buttons to choose from and you can link the button to a service or product or any landing page you see fit, or take them to watch a video, listen to a webinar or directly to an app.
  4. Create some posts before you consider promoting your page. You need content on there so that visitors can quickly come and find out what your business is about and the type of content they’re likely to see from you. You’ll then need to update your page on a regular basis, at least once a day, and work out what it is that your fans will respond to on your page based on information from the insights on Facebook.
  5. Set up the notifications to suit your preferences. It is important to respond to posts to your wall and direct messages as quickly as possible, so it is worth keeping the notifications on, unless someone else is managing your Facebook page for you. You can choose to be notified as soon as some activity takes place on your page, to have a notification every 12-24 hours that gives all the details of the activities that have taken place during that time period, or to turn off your notifications completely.

Facebook is difficult to master but you can help yourself by taking advantage of all the features that are offered, based on your chosen category. Filling in detailed information, having a call to action and posting relevant and interesting content and being ready to respond are the first steps to take on the Facebook marketing journey.