8 Tips for Creating Successful Facebook Video Ads

8 Tips for Successful Facebook Video AdsFacebook video ads are useful if you’re looking for an improved way of connecting with your audience on Facebook. Using these ads can help to increase engagement and the number of conversions you achieve through your marketing on this vast social network.  There are ways to work to achieve the best results, so here are out tips for anyone about to venture into video ads for the first time.

  1. Know your audience and tailor your ads to suit them. Access the Audience Insights, available when you log into your own Facebook Ads Account. Select the Audience Insights from the Tools drop down menu and start exploring your audience in greater detail. Spend the time to create a target audience profile.
  2. Create different ads for those who are already aware of your brand and for people who have never heard of you or know little about you.
  3. Keep your video short to reduce the chances of attention being lost. Aim to keep the audience gripped to the end. Focus on entertaining over selling. Long videos are useful if you are targeting people who already love your brand and are likely to watch all the way to the end.
  4. Use your video to filter out the people who are not your ideal customer. Achieve this by getting to the point quickly so the viewer will understand if it’s irrelevant to their needs.
  5. Don’t leave your audience waiting. Your video has to grip the audience within the first 5 seconds. Make it catchy; let people know where you’re heading and how you can help solve their problem. Remember that most people will have to click to turn on the audio, and many people won’t, so include a visual that will increase the chances of your video performing well.
  6. Facebook is where people go to be social and not to be sold to. Remember this when creating your video content; anything too commercial is likely to be ignored.
  7. Creating using the 4 W’s – Who you’re addressing, what you’re offering, where people can find out more, when your service or product is available, why your product or service is able to solve their problem.
  8. Take your time creating the content and ensuring it’s ready for publishing. The visuals, audio and sound must complement each other to create an enjoyable experience for the viewers. You can achieve this with basic editing software and a small budget, there’s no need to eat up a huge budget providing you plan well and take care when executing the final result.
  9. A/B testing is your friend and should be used to optimise your ads. Have different variations for each video and test them against each other to discover which one delivers the best performance.

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