Instagram Introduces Multi Image Posts

Instagram Multi Image Post Update

Have you noticed the new type of posts being published on Instagram? Last week, Instagram rolled out the multiple post update. With the new feature, it’s possible to share up to 10 photos and videos in a single post.  Users and your followers can view each of the chosen photos and videos by swiping through. It’s a great addition for those who find it hard to select the best image, those looking to tell stories through their posts and of course, marketers.

A Combination of Photos and Videos

When creating a multiple post, you have the ability to select the combination of photos and videos you want to include. Once chosen, you can reorganise, edit and add filters to each one individually or as a whole if you wish to.

Your multiple post will only have a single caption and they are square only at the moment, this might change in the future. When looking at your profile, you’ll see the first photo or video in the set appear on your grid. Users will know it’s a multiple post thanks to the addition of an icon. While browsing through the feed, users will see blue dots at the bottom of the post indicating the further images and videos in the set.

Instagram is working hard to help users share more stories and live experiences with their followers. As a business, you too can make use of the platform and visually and emotionally connect with your audience on their favourite social network. Talk to us about our social media services and introduce Instagram into your digital marketing strategy.