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4 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

If you’re on Facebook one of the unavoidable facts to remember is paying for ads, boosted posts and Facebook remarketing is the most effective way of increasing reach. You’ll need to pay out if you want more clicks, to increase likes quicker and achieve greater engagement. However, you can and should still be present and active on social media even if you don’t want to pay for ads. Focus on quality of numbers over quantity and use social media marketing to build brand awareness, trust and providing excellent customer service and you’ll benefit greatly.  There are things you can do to grow your profiles organically, have a read throughout 4 tips and begin applying them into your campaigns.

4 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

  1. Build an emotional connection with your audience. Managing to achieve an emotional response through your posts increases the likelihood of them being shared. Sharing positive feelings with friends and loved ones is the most common type of sharing, so focus on happy and positive content. The reach is increased thanks to followers sharing and by interacting with your page, the individuals are more likely to see your content show up in their feed. Achieving an emotional response is as simple as adding emojis to your content. Love them or hate them, emojis activate the same part of the brain that responds positively to face to face interactions to form bonds between one another. The takeaway message – use emojis and share positivity.
  2. Social media isn’t a selfish game, it’s about getting involved, supporting others and communicating. So many businesses feel that sharing other people’s posts will somehow take away their own shine. The opposite is true. Supporting other local businesses or like-minded companies is a wonderful thing to do. Share the posts of others, react and comment and you are likely to find others doing the same for you.
  3. Influencer marketing is a powerful thing. Using influencers is a fantastic way of increasing brand awareness and gaining sales. You don’t have to reach out to bloggers and vloggers to benefit from influencer marketing (although it is a good step to make), your customers and even your team can become influencers too. Use customer reviews and testimonials, encourage customers to use a set hashtag or to tag you in posts so you can find their comments and experiences with your brand. Search for your brand and social media and see if a recognisable influencer is mentioning you already. Many influencers shout out brands they love even if they’re not ‘working’ together.
  4. Be open with your audience, they want transparency. Leave all comments on your page and your responses. It’s fine to direct people to your inbox but always respond to the actual comment in a way that shows you’re understanding and open to communication. Don’t be coy, share with your audience and give them reasons to have faith in you and trust in your brand.

These tips are great for Facebook, but they can be applied to all your social media marketing campaigns, paid and free content alike. Looking for help with your social media marketing? Get in touch with us here at the office, let’s put our heads together.