3 Social Media Tips to Increase Sales

Social Media for Ecommerce Sites

Connecting with your customers on social media can be an excellent way of increasing sales. To achieve success it’s important to focus on giving your customers a great experience on your social channels. If you can do this, you’re going to find it easier to make more online sales. Today, we’re sharing 3 tips for you to use on your social media channels that should see an increase in the number of sales you make via your website.

Know When People Are Talking About You

Social media involves listening. Find the conversations that are happening where you are the focus and use these conversations to your advantage, even any negative ones. You can’t rely on people tagging your profiles in these conversations; you’ll need to search in order to avoid missing opportunities. Not only can you join in the conversation, you can also use listening to get to know your customers better, for market research and to analyse how your brand is being received.  You can manually search across all networks, or make use of tools such as Talkwalker.

Let Your Fans Do the Talking

Encourage your customers to share their experiences with your brand online. Encourage social sharing, leaving reviews and consider rewarding customers for referring friends and so on.  Social sharing is basically online word of mouth. Your customer shares their purchases or shopping experiences with their network and therefore your reach is increased and new sales could be achieved.

Make Use of Social Media Tools

Consumers appreciate easy options, they want what they want with the minimal amount of effort. You can benefit from this by using your social channels as direct selling points. The Facebook Buy Button for Messenger allows you to showcase your products and sell on your own Facebook store. You can even hold promotions and special events. You can use this as a reason for your current customers to head on over to Facebook and give you a like, helping your channel grow.