5 Free Tools for Instagram

5 free tools for Instagram

Looking to up your game on Instagram? Here are 5 free Instagram tools that will help you to manage your account more efficiently and improve the content you share.

Schedule Your Posts with Hootsuite

Instagram doesn’t allow for any third party to publish content on the app, but that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule. You have a few choices but our favourite is Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you’re able to prepare each post in advance, including the written content, hashtags and the image you wish to use. Install the Hootsuite app on your phone and turn on notifications to receive a reminder directly to your handset. Copy the text by holding down your thumb and the image opens in Instagram. From there you paste in your content and add filters, tags and location if you wish.


Are you hoping to use more video in your social media marketing campaigns? PicFlow makes it possible to create a 15-second video (slideshow) that can be shared on Instagram. The free version does include a very small watermark but you can remove it by purchasing the app. To make a video you simply add the photos you wish to use (think about the story you want to tell), pick music and select the timing for each photo.

Repost for Instagram

Share other people’s content while giving them credit using Repost for Instagram. This is a very useful tool if you wish to use customer created content or if you work with influencers. The app makes it possible to repost a previously shared Instagram post by a different user. While the app automatically gives credit to the original poster, you do still need to ask for permission and ensure credit is given in the caption. Asking for permission is required by the Terms of Use of Instagram.

AutoHash to Save Time

Save time researching hashtags to use for your posts with AutoHash.  The app uses algorithms to provide recommendations of the best hashtags to use for your content. The app will analyse any image you select in the app before it gives you suggestions. You can also include location based hashtags if you have the GPS turned on.  This app isn’t 100% accurate but it can be useful.

Canva for Image Creation

Canva is a fantastic free tool that is perfect for creating images for all sorts of different channels. Canva has recently created the Instagram stories templates that are fully customisable. The templates are already in the perfect dimensions, all you have to do is change the image, background and text.

Do you have a favourite free tool for Instagram that improves or compliments your social media marketing